sistem perakaunan dan sewabeli KETENGAH


sistem perakaunan dan sewabeli KETENGAH (sISPER3.0)

System is developed for Lembaga Kemajuan Terengganu Tengah (KETENGAH), published in 2019. This system used to manage the operation of Bahagian Perumahan.

SISPER3.0 uses the user interface commonly used by other web-based applications.


System includes some modules:   

  • Assets Module
  • Rental / Hire Purchase Application Module
  • Rental / Hire Purchase Administration Module
  • Bill Processing and Other Charges Module
  • Reminder Letter and Other Letters Module
  • Payment Receipt / Collection Counter Module
  • Credit Note Processing Module
  • Reports Module (Hire Purchase and Accounting)
  • SMS & Email Integration Module
  • Online Access Module (Customer)
  • Security Module (Registration, System Access, Audit Trail)


  • Learnability - Users can easily learn all modules when navigating through our system.
  • Flexibility - the systems provide various ways of using the system depending on the functionality and module.
  • Stability - Responsive and developed with human errors accounted for.