Development Information And Monitoring System (DIAMS)


Development Information And Monitoring System (DIAMS)


The system was developed by Majlis Perbandaran Kemaman (MPK) (Client) and published in 2011. DIAMS is a task management system that helps users manage some of their departments; City Planning Department, Building Control Department, Engineering Department, and Landscape Department. The system has the ability to record activities that have been performed during the application process. System has some modules that includes:   

  • New Application Module
  • OSC Application Module
  • Lists of Application Module
  • Administrator Module
  • Search Module
  • Reports Module
  • Control Module
  • User's Module
  • Web Map Module
  • Email & SMS Notification Module


  • Learnability - Users can easily learn all modules when navigating through our system.
  • Flexibility - the systems provide various ways of using the system depending on the functionality and module.
  • Stability - Responsive and developed with human errors accounted for.